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What is a Certificate of Liability Insurance? What is an Additional Assured? And why, as a contractor, do you need these things?


A certificate of liability insurance, by definition, is a document that proves you have contractor's insurance for your company or for a certain construction job. It is a standardized form that is used to provide proof and a basic description of you policy information. These documents are often requested by customers, other contractors on a job, general contractors or others that are financially involved in your operation (e.g. banks, lenders, landlords).


An additional insured endorsement is a change to your policy that adds another person or business as a policy holder. This change enables the person or business rights as if they were a policy holder. While they cannot cancel or further endorse your policy, the additional insured status gives them the right to file a claim without your permission. This endorsement is often required for sub-contractors to give to their general contractor to reduce the legal battle and finger pointing that can occur after a claim.


Why do you need these things?

If you cannot provide a certificate of liability insurance, you will often not be allowed to work on a project. In addition, many states now require that contractors carry general liability insurance and/or require that contractors disclose to homeowners whether or not they carry general liability coverage. You will need a certificate of insurance to provide the proof that you are meeting these insurance requirements.


What is the Cost?

Most insurance agencies provide you with an ACORD certificate of liability insurance free of charge, however a certificate of liability insurance with Additional Insured endorsements may be subject to an additional charge (the cost will vary by type and by insurance company). ACORD (The Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development) is a global, nonprofit standards development organization that serves the insurance industry and is responsible for publishing certificates of liability insurance.


At Skyles Insurance we have a dedicated team of customer service representatives ready to serve you by offering quick turn-around times on Additional Insureds, insurance certificates and all your other insurance needs. In many instances we can even process coverage and send proof of insurance the same day, eliminating the barrier between you and the job site or contract bid.


Your certificate of contractor insurance should always include the following information:


  • The name of the person or business insured
  • The insurance agent or broker issuing the certificate
  • Insurance policy numbers
  • Effective and expiration dates of the insurance
  • What types of insurance and policies are included (if multiple were purchased at the same time)
  • Limits of the insurance policy
  • Key insurance coverage details
  • Intent to notify the certificate holder in the event of cancellation
  • Disclaimers of all information therein by the party issuing the certificate


While the certificate contains extensive information about your contractor or construction insurance policy, it provides no actual benefit of insurance to the certificate holder. Always ensure your policy coverage is consistent with what is on your certificate.


If you are being asked to provide a certificate of liability, we can often process coverage and send proof of insurance the same day.


Call us today, toll-free at 888-900-9989, or contact us online now to speak with a knowledgeable Skyles agent about your contractor's insurance needs.

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