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By law, every employer in the state of California is required to provide workman's compensation insurance (or workman's comp) for their employees. Even if you have just one employee, you must maintain workers' compensation coverage.


Why do I need workers' comp insurance?

Failure to carry California workman's comp insurance is a criminal offense. If an employee gets sick or injured because of work and you are not insured, you are responsible for all related bills, plus severe fines and possibly jail time for violating the law. State-issued penalties can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars, plus you could be subject to a civil action lawsuit from any employee sick or hurt while you are illegally uninsured.


Besides being a legal requirement of employers in California, it's just a good idea to have this coverage. As an employer, you are held liable for the occupational injury, sickness, or death suffered by anyone you hire. And for just the same reason that you need general liability insurance, regardless of who is at fault, the cost of a defense can be devastating to your business.


Why obtain workers' compensation coverage from Skyles Insurance Agency (SIA)?

Contractors in California pay some of the highest workman's comp insurance rates in the nation. But what can you do? If it's required by law you have to pay whatever rates you can find, right? Wrong!


At SIA we are committed to providing the lowest possible prices without compromising on service. Let us examine your business and offer you a comprehensive, yet cheap, workman's comp insurance solution. We will go over exactly what your operations and payroll are in order to submit the most accurate quote possible. We won't submit unethical "lowball" workman's comp insurance quotes based on incorrect classifications and lowered payroll figures (which could lead to a contractor being hit with additional premiums or policy cancellations once the insurance company performs an audit). With us, you'll know up front what you will need to pay.


Request a free, no-obligation workman's comp or contractor's insurance quote today! Call us toll-free at 888-900-9989, or contact us online now.


Need additional coverage? Skyles Insurance Agency also specializes in builder's risk insurance, construction insurance, commercial auto insurance, equipment and tool coverage, and excess policies. Whatever your size, specialty, or insurance need, you can find what you're looking for at SIA!

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